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New Colors for Wide Wraps 

Merry Christmas

I made this Christ

mas Tree this year. I saw one on facebook and

and decided I would make my own just a bit more modern. Mine is not made of wood as the one I saw on facebook. I designed this classy Christmas tree by first purchasing a mannequin. This little doll was affordable and easily manageable. She comes with her own stand so this makes the rest of the design so much easier. I purchased garland, which is used for the asymmetrical tree dress in the design. I will be selling this dress so I cant reveal all my tricks and turns at this time. The belt is ribbon used for presents. The red shirt was once a dress that I had not worn, I just couldn't find any where to wear it so I altered it for the classy Christmas tree. The necklace began as icicle ornaments. I have strung them together to make the perfect accessory for this tree. Wrapped in red Christmas lights for the finishing touch. I have few more designs that would work with the mannequin. I want to change it up for a different design. This is the first of many that I would like to make.

My new economic venture is designing women's scarves. There are not many places to buy a really good scarf. At a really great price. I love new designs that match the clothes I wear to work and for lounging. A nice colorful scarf adds a little bit of flare and can be used to warm your ears in the winter. The variety and length caught my eye. I just like things that are not like others. I'm so glad this page is time stamped. My designs are different and multi-functional. Your going to enjoy the many uses and the variety.

My name is Maria I was named after my two aunts. Maternal and Paternal Marie's. I tell a story of my birth.

After being asked how did you get your name.

My reply is

My mother and father, traveling from California to Texas the month of my birth. My father had excepted a new job in Texas. My mother the strong minded woman that she is decides to ride with him on the last trip. She's feeling fine. Somewhere along the Texas-Mexico border she goes into labor. My father who was a truck driver knew the way to a near by hospital. The nurse that assisted my mother and father was also named Maria. Maria which was explained to mean the wished for child.

Here I am A wish come true.....

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