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At what age would you stop using slang words?

I find it very unsettling to watch a man that is clearly pushing sixty to still be trying to fit in with the young crowd. I know it's a free country and people are allowed to behave the way they want to. It gets a bit humorous to watch a grown man say things like "wat up", and "girlfriend" in his sentences.

He is an openly gay man that is a wonderful person. He shares some really interesting stories of the way he met his partner. Those are great stories. I met his partner at last years Christmas party, we all shared a laugh and almost a dance. The song they wanted to dance to made me want to take a seat but I agreed to get back on the dance floor in a different genre.

While working my extraordinary friend tends to cohabitate towards the associates that are teaching him to for lack of a better word, dumb it down. He has chosen to incorporate words like "you silly tramp" in lunch room banter. Words like childish is being used after every disagreement. I must admit most of the conversations are childish but the word is being used out of context entirely to much.

He isn't the only one that should try and use a dictionary or thesaurus to search for a new word of the day. Women and men in their early thirties are not having very well rounded conversations. I found myself asking one of them not to call me names. A simple conversation about dating led me to think I had been insulted.

The normal slang to deliver when someone thinks you did an awesome job on your new hair cut is, "silly and childish" when I responded "there doesn't need to be any name calling", this woman told me that was a good thing. She was saying something good those are words for nice things. I responded cute and adorable are too I wouldn't mind you saying that next time.

When does the slang stop, are you adult enough to tell someone to stop? I am

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